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Automate critical operations to provide highly available, reliable services.

We help energy and utilities companies prioritise the assets and operations that matter most for business success 

The energy landscape is undergoing a radical transformation. Driven by factors like the COP26 net zero pledge, the COVID-19 pandemic, and emerging technologies, energy companies are facing a new operating reality. Research, innovation and transformation are no longer just buzzwords – they’re essential for navigating a volatile market. However, this shift holds immense potential. As companies embrace a focus on R&D and transformation, they unlock opportunities not only to streamline their own operations but also to contribute to a more sustainable future for all. 

How we can help

We rid your operations from silo process flows that eat up time, create duplication of effort and add cost. We harmonise the flow of work across your operations to turn siloed processes into data enablers for other functional areas within the business offering insights that were previously hidden along with the institutional knowledge.
Reduce Complexity

Collapse legacy systems onto a single platform with a user experience that simplifies the flow of work across your operation, dramatically reducing your cost to operate.

Operational Excellence

Give you front line workers the tools and data they need to resolve issue first time.

Customer Service Excellence

Drive the cost to serve down with self-service experiences that accelerate work delivery.

Connected Operations

Leverage the value of your smart grid by using this data to proactively manage and prevent outages before they happen.

Our Service Offerings

Power operational excellence
Unite legacy systems to create a fully integrated ecosystem and drive continuous improvement. Gain end-to-end data visibility to optimize service delivery and reduce costs.
Automate workflows to connect and empower your teams—from the office to your field operations. Equip everyone to make informed decisions and handle issues with confidence.
For energy and utility providers, cyberattacks are common—and rising. Give your team the tools they need to respond efficiently.
Simplify experiences with automated updates and self-service tools. Proactively detect issues and fix problems—before customers even notice them.

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