Empowering education in Africa with Quintica and ServiceNow

Published: April 9, 2024
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“The time, energy, and expertise that ServiceNow and Quintica have invested in this process will help ensure the platform supports teachers and impacts classrooms in ways that transform learning for some of the world’s most marginalized children,”

Deborah K., Dignitas CEO.

When ServiceNow’s non-profit team asked us if Quintica would like to partner with them on a project to help the education outcomes for children in Kenya we jumped at it.

Customer First Collaboration

Months of collaboration laid the foundation for the work being done to support Dignitas. In 2023, ServiceNow partnered with Team4Tech, a nonprofit impact accelerator for digital equity in education, for a skilled volunteering cohort.

ServiceNow employees were matched with Dignitas employees to design a community engagement solution for a single system to keep thousands of teachers connected to each other and to ongoing resources. Dignitas selected the ServiceNow Communities solution, and the volunteers provided additional support for an in-kind donation.

“It all started with a pilot program to identify skilled volunteering opportunities in support of our in-kind donations program,”
Alan N., senior manager of in-kind donations at ServiceNow.

“As a tech company,” he adds, “we have a unique opportunity to do a great deal of good by helping nonprofits access technology to amplify their impact. Being able to leverage the skills of our employees and partners to support these organizations makes that opportunity even more tremendous.”

Daria N., program director at Team4Tech, facilitated live, collaborative meetings between Dignitas and ServiceNow, guiding participants through leadership training and a human-centered design process. “The entire process was incredible,” she says. “ServiceNow’s volunteers brought a customer-first mindset to the table.”

They also brought empathy. “They listened to what the needs were in this under-resourced community in Kenya, and they got to work on the solutions,” she adds.

“Learning about the resilience of the people of Kenya and the work Dignitas is doing to address gaps in digital literacy and provide access to technology and educational opportunities was quite eye-opening,” says Wesley G., senior technical consultant at ServiceNow. “The entire process was incredibly rewarding, especially being able to present our proposed solutions.”

Building the right team

Bianca K. is a firm believer in the transformative power of education. Since childhood, she’s been motivated to grow and better her life through learning. A few years ago, with grit and determination, she graduated summa cum laude from the University of the Western Cape near Cape Town, South Africa, while working full time to support herself and her family.

The CEO of Quintica, a ServiceNow Elite Partner with headquarters in South Africa, took notice of Bianca’s achievements on LinkedIn and invited her to apply for an internship through the ServiceNow NextGen Professionals program. Designed to empower underrepresented groups, the program helps participants RiseUp with ServiceNow and land jobs through experience-driven skills programs and mentoring.

Bianca jumped at the opportunity, which led to her securing a position at Quintica. Today, she continues accelerating her career on a variety of projects there as a ServiceNow associate technical consultant.

The full circle of growth

At Quintica, Bianca is a key leader in the deployment of the ServiceNow platform with Dignitas, a Nairobi-based nonprofit organization that empowers young learners. Driven by her lifelong appreciation of the importance and power of education, Bianca maintains a connection to the cause—despite the geographical distance between Kenya and South Africa, where she lives and works.

“This entire experience has been enriching,” Bianca says, “from learning about the important role Dignitas is playing in the lives of young students across Kenya to tailoring the ServiceNow platform to meet a nonprofit organization’s needs. These are memories and skills I’ll carry forward.”

The future is bright

Dignitas is hopeful for the future. “The time, energy, and expertise that ServiceNow and Quintica have invested in this process will help ensure the platform supports teachers and impacts classrooms in ways that transform learning for some of the world’s most marginalized children,” says Deborah K., Dignitas CEO. “We are very excited to roll out the solution and begin testing it with our communities. Thank you, ServiceNow, Team4Tech, and Quintica!”

Everyone involved in the project found it gratifying. “We learned so much about Africa and even confronted some of our own unconscious biases or assumptions about what we thought we knew about the peoples and cultures of Africa,” says Rae Ann P., senior engagement manager at ServiceNow.

Serendipitously, the ServiceNow platform solution that is being configured for Dignitas is named ‘Community,’ and that’s truly what all of this is about at the end of the day.

About Dignitas

We imagine a world where schools are a vibrant place for all children to develop the skills and strength of character to thrive and succeed. Dignitas is a leading education development organization. We use an innovative training and coaching approach to empower schools and educators in marginalized communities to transform students’ opportunities.

About Quintica

Quintica is an Elite ServiceNow Partner and leading tech consulting company based in African and Middle East. We believe in the power of transformative tech to create impact and help our customers deliver solutions on the Now Platform that propel their business forward.

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We jumped at the opportunity to work with Dignitas. It’s been hugely rewarding for our teams being able to do what they love and make an impact on so many. Andrew Doherty – Chief Partner Officer Quintica Group