Helping the largest Telco in Africa shift from pure Telco to TechCo

Our customer, the leading Telco provider in Africa was looking to shift from providing purely telco products and service offerings to being a TechCo who is able to provide full technology stacks that are underpinned by their traditional Telco services and infrastructure.

Our client is a leading African communications company who is undergoing a fascinating transformation. They’re not just keeping up with the ever-evolving tech landscape; they’re actively shaping it. But here’s the twist: our client is not throwing out their entire legacy telco infrastructure. Instead, they’re taking a strategic approach, leveraging the strengths of their existing systems while integrating cutting-edge technologies.

This “tech modernisation with a twist” strategy offers valuable insights for any company navigating a digital transformation.

5 Apps

Consolidated down 5 applications onto a single system of action for workflow automation.


Improvement in SLA and service fulfilment


Overall drop in cost to operate with both application consolidation and tech admin overhead.

Outcome 1

Bring new products to market with a much improved customer experience and ease of provisioning while still depending on legacy systems for activation.

Outcome 2

Provide modern mobile and portal experiences to customers and intuitive workspaces for the NOC teams while still connecting into our CORE to order processing and fulfilment. This provided the time needed to sunset legacy systems and adopt the future architecture.

Technology Enablers

  • ServiceNow Telco Service Management
  • ServiceNow Integration HUB allowing for a common set of integration points into existing data sets for customer and billing data as well as order decomposition.


The Power of "And"

The key to this strategy lies in the power of “and” instead of “or.” They’re not abandoning their reliable telco systems; instead, they’re integrating them with modern technologies like cloud computing, Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN), and next-generation gigabit networks. This creates a powerful synergy:

  • Legacy systems provide a stable foundation:  existing infrastructure ensures a strong, reliable network backbone. This is crucial for any communication company, and it frees up resources to be directed towards innovation.
  • Modern tech unlocks new possibilities: Cutting-edge solutions like cloud and SD-WAN allow our customer to offer a wider range of services, improve efficiency, and deliver a superior customer experience.

The message is clear: Embrace the power of “and,” leverage your existing strengths, and fearlessly pursue innovation.

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