Leverage your platform to the full

Managed Services

Shift from busy work to value delivery with our application managed services, your team + Quintica.

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Run or transform

Every company has to balance budget, demand and value delivery. We help you do just this with our scalable Managed Services designed to meet your transformation stage and ambition. 

Manage day to day Platform admin

Fully outsource your L1 support or augment your existing COE with further capacity. Q-Guided will help you take care of your BAU platform activities and free your team up to focus on more transformational activities. Deliver upgrades faster and with less risk using our Upgrade Accelerator. 

Deliver against a clear roadmap

Bring the combined skills and expertise together to deliver on a clear platform roadmap.  Get greater ROI from your platform investment by deploying faster and leveraging the innovation you’re paying for. 

Accelerate value delivery to business

Move beyond tech deployment to innovation and collaborate with business on how to extract more ROI from your platform investments. With industry expertise and enterprise architecture support to drive innovation and make a significant change in operations. 


Impossible is a dare

"In my almost 20 years career, I have never seen an engagement between a customer and a partner like I saw with Quintica, the service we get is out of this world"
Leo Nicolas
Axian Group