What we do

We help our customers deliver technology at speed that transforms the way their business operates, driving optimisation of end to end workflow across their business.  

We do Advisory & Strategy 

Advisory & Strategy  

We understand the pressure you are under to deliver against your strategy, we bring an industry lens and a practical approach to building your execution plan. Understanding that the technology is a key lever we align your tech strategy with your business goals and deliver the processes needed to accelerate value delivery. 

Technology Implementation

Looking for safe hands to land your technology in the business. With Quintica your implementation journey will be managed by a team of experts with strong product knowledge a proven implementation methodology and industry specific experience. 

Beyond implementation we ensure that you are setup to drive ongoing value realisation and adoption long after the implementation phase is over. 

Managed Services

We bring our platform experts to bear with 3 unique offerings designed to augment your team.

Q- Guided
Support focused to maintain BAU operations.

Q- Premium
Our team embedded in your operations to deliver against a focused roadmap and value stream.

Move beyond tech deployment to innovation and collaborate with business on how to extract more ROI from their platform investments. Unlock transforming experiences across your business.

Reseller Services 

Optimise contracting and ensure you get the most value from your investment. We provide you with practical advice to right size your software contracts and help you maintain compliance over your term.

Empower your team

Leading your industry requires people who have the skills and expertise to guide and transform the way you work. Q-Academy is Quintica’s training and enablement path that take the guess work out of skills growth and empowers your people with training that accelerates their learning path, ensuring you have the capability you need to deliver. 

Transforming Work 

Our customers trust us to deliver on the promise of Digital Transformation, we help them become leading digital first companies that out perform their peers. Here what they have to say about working with us.


How we get from vision to value

Q-Journey is our delivery framework that leverages over +22 years of expertise to help businesses achieve digital transformation.

Our approach integrates a robust service management foundation with a powerful execution engine, creating impact. We keep your people at the heart of any implementation journey and ensure that they are empowered to continue to drive change and value long after your implementation.


Pinpoint areas for improvement in your processes, against best practice frameworks, technologies, people, and governance. With Q-Scan, you can optimise your operations, achieve greater efficiencies, achieve better return on investments and stay competitive.

Business Outcomes


Companies use business processes primarily as a way of reducing costs


Ensure a solid service portfolio management experience by mapping your service offerings from any function. A well-structured Service Portfolio ensures alignment and efficient service delivery from the service provider to the customer.

Business Outcomes


Building a Solid Foundation for Your transformation journey and get your tech foundation right the first time with Q-Design.

Business Outcomes


Q-Build is the execution phase of your journey. Our highly certified delivery teams will ensure that we deliver service experiences that are built on best practice. Whether we extending the platform or delivering an existing platform application into your business our team will apply their expertise and experience to deliver results.

Business Outcomes


Make sure you deliver a high quality product to business.

Q-Quality is our end to end validation and testing framework that ensures a release ready product that is defect free and ready to drive value with a great service experience.

Business Outcomes


Understand the value you are deriving from your technology investment. We take the guess work out of value realization and support you with qualified accurate metrics to substantiate your business transformation case.

Business Outcomes


More than 70% of all technology change initiatives fail due to lack of change management. (According to Gartners state of transformation reporting 2023) Quintica’s OCM offering helps you drive adoption and success with your technology change. We’ve taken the guess work out of change with our OCM blue print for success that addresses improved operations, culture, and overall success.

Business Outcomes
Every great journey begins with a plan

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