UAEU achieves greater visibility of operations and automation

Established in 1976 and located in the heart of oasis city Al Ain, is the oldest university in the UAE.

An oasis of academic excellence
Established in 1976 and located in the heart of oasis city Al Ain, 140km east of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) is the oldest university in the UAE.

With a commitment to academic excellence and continuous research, and a student body of around 15,000 and nearly 3,000 employees, UAEU consistently ranks as the second-top university in the UAE, and fifth in the Arab region. Courses range from business and economics, IT, science and engineering to law, medicine, agriculture, education, and humanities; notable alumni include numerous high-ranking politicians, as well as business pioneers, artists, and writers.


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End-point devices

Business Challenge

Limited resources unable to scale across the number of students with issues that needed urgent support. Outdated manual work flows that required human intervention for every case.

How we solved it

Putting the power back in the hands of the students with intuitive always on self-service tools supported with accurate knowledge and the ability to ask for help from support only when they can truly add value in the process.

Technology Enablers

ServiceNow’s core ITSM applications along with its Self Service Portal and Virtual Agent for case deflections.

Moving away from manual processes

Managing the IT commitments of a large-scale university such as UAEU is no easy feat – especially when the IT department has such a broad range of responsibilities and a large IT estate. “We provide infrastructure services, network services, application services, and also end-user technical support for around 6,000 end-point devices,” explains Mariam Al Khili, Head of IT Support at UAEU. “We also allow student, staff, and faculty members to bring their own devices if they need help.”

The IT division comprises around 120 employees, of whom 72 are dedicated to end-user support. Managing workflows and assigning tasks within a unit of this size is a complex task.

Everything was manual,” adds Aysha Al Meqbaali, Head of UAEU’s IT Helpdesk. “If we needed to assign tasks or escalate them to other teams, it was all done by hand and handled by the helpdesk. It was easy to lose track of each ticket. A relatively simple process could sometimes take as long as ten days, but we wouldn’t know why or where it was in the system.”

We used to handle patching and updates internally. Moving to ServiceNow ITSM and the cloud allows us to focus on the services themselves and elevating our student support rather than manual busy work.

Mariam Al Khili
Head of IT Support
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