Project Description

International Airports Company

Significant business value through the implementation of the first phase of the ServiceNow program

The airports company has realised significant business value through the implementation of the first phase of the ServiceNow program, specifically in the areas of:

Self Service


Request management via portal up from 4% to 95%

Service Performance & Visibility


SLA compliance up from 66% to 75%

Customer Experience


NPS up +50

The Business Goal

“In order for our business to be able to achieve our goals we need to have the right service delivery components in place to ensure the smooth running of our entire business, business technology plays a major part in this,” states the Head of Governance at the airports company.

“It is our considered view that our business technology division must be in a position that enables it to offer the required technology services, supported by an efficient services-led organisation with highly skilled professionals and well adopted processes, to meet our objectives,” adds the Head of Governance at the airports company. “All of which are key drivers to our appointment of Quintica.”

The Business Need

After close analysis of the requirements of the airports company, the Quintica team proposed the implementation of its Q-Journey Framework. This included the development of an operating model for the business technology organisation, a Service Catalogue, as well as a digital transformation roadmap that would assist the company to optimise service delivery and improve customer experience.

According to Quintica a main component of the QJourney defined for the airports company was to ensure that the service catalogue would create a view for all stakeholders, of exactly the type and nature of services on offer from the business technology department. This was to be updated regularly and updates were to be sent to stakeholders on an ongoing basis to ensure complete business buy-in.

The business technology services framework was designed for the airports company based on processes and policies aligned with international best practices such as ITIL v3, COBIT 5.0 and ISO 20000. This is one of the key reasons Quintica was selected, considering its extensive knowledge of these digital transformation engagements and their experience in making the customer capitalise on value after the implementation.

The Solution

Quintica has been assigned to proceed with the automation of the operational activities using Servicenow Enterprise Service Management platform. Based on a 3 year roadmap fully aligned with the Business Technology and Airport vision, the project encompasses the areas of Incident Management, Request Management, Change Management, SLA Management, Knowledge Management, Asset Management, Cloud and Datacentre Automation, CMDB consolidation and Event Management.

Today the airports company business technology department is progressing on its three year fully mapped transformation project. With the implementation of the first component of the project including the start of the creation of a fully functional automated business technology operating model, including Incident, Request, Change and SLA Management, the airports company is already realising significant business benefit.

The next phases of the project include the ongoing delivery of the remaining processes that support its enterprise architecture, performance and financial management systems. Furthermore, the transformation project is expected to replicate the success to other business areas which also are willing to embrace an Enterprise Service Management Model using the Quintica Q-Journey framework.

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