Creating unified service delivery for IT

Delivering a scalable platform with unified processes to support our growth aspirations.

Our client is a pan-African group that specialises in 5 business sectors with high growth potentials, namely: telecom, real estate, financial services, energy and innovation. The organisation was grappling with inefficient service management processes, fragmented systems, and a lack of visibility into IT operations. To address these issues and enhance service delivery, they partnered with ServiceNow and Quintica to implement a robust IT Service Management (ITSM) solution.






Group Companies

Business Challenge

Multiple disparate tools and platforms led to a lack of integration, making it difficult to manage and resolve IT issues efficiently. Couple this manual, time-consuming processes prone to human error and Service delivery was inconsistent leading to frustrated end users and outages to critical systems that could have been prevented.


How we solved it

  1. Get your discovery right!  The team conducted a thorough assessment of our customers landscape looking at all the existing IT processes and systems.
  2. Single Source of Truth : ServiceNow integrated disparate IT systems into a single, unified platform.
  3. Automation of Processes: incident management, problem management, and change management, were automated.
  4. Service Portal: A centralised service portal with an intuitive user experience was introduced, providing a single front door for all IT services.
  5. Reporting and Analytics: ServiceNow’s analytics capabilities provide deep insights into IT performance. Dashboards and reports enabled proactive monitoring and continuous improvement of IT services.

Technology Enablers

  • Q-Journey
  • ServiceNow ITSM
  • ServiceNow Employee Portal

Driving business results

The implementation of ServiceNow’s ITSM solution delivered remarkable results:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Automated processes significantly reduced the time required to resolve IT issues, leading to faster and more efficient service delivery.
  • Improved Integration: The unified platform ensured better integration of IT systems, facilitating seamless operations and communication across departments.
  • Increased Visibility: Real-time reporting and analytics provided comprehensive visibility into IT operations, enabling data-driven decision-making and proactive management.
  • Higher User Satisfaction: The centralized service portal and improved service delivery processes led to higher user satisfaction and reduced frustration among employees.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: ServiceNow’s scalable platform allowed our client to adapt to changing business needs and easily integrate additional IT services as required.

Quintica really understood both our transformation objective and our business model. They were able to reduce our design time significantly by applying their Q-Journey accelerators to get us deployed faster.

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