Leading governance and service automation consultancy, The Quintica Group, has established an important partnership with Westbury Analytics, the ServiceNow Specialist partner fully focused on the Now Intelligence capabilities.

The Quintica Group is a leading provider of innovative digital transformation, standardizing and streamlining business operations from IT service management to field services, that enhance both employee and customer experience.

Quintica is excited to announce its partnership with Westbury Analytics to introduce its unique implementation methodology for improving ServiceNow managed workflows and processes in Africa and the Middle East.

Established nearly twenty years ago, Quintica has delivered consulting and technology to support the latest best practices through innovation, automation, and governance. Their technology partnerships and skilled expert team support the “Big Things; Great People” vision that drives success and growth.

Westbury Analytics’ mission is with a clear focus on end user adoption of Virtual Agent call and request handling, to help customers to improve automation and productivity levels in a matter of weeks. With ITSM-Pro, the long-awaited opportunity to make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to drive down costs and improve customer experience is finally here. Westbury Analytics’ holistic approach enables you to gain success with ITSM-Pro quickly.

Quintica and Westbury Analytics share a common belief that no matter how great the promises and potential of technology, success will always depend on having your end user base on board and involved during every step of the way. That is why the strong end user focused approach from Westbury Analytics combined with the technology expertise around Now Intelligence from Quintica is the winning partnership for all ServiceNow customers.

About Quintica Group

Formed in 2001, and with a mission to Make the Complex Simple, Quintica group stitches together digital platforms in the cloud that unlock company-wide productivity and advantage for large enterprise companies. Their principal offices are in Johannesburg and Dubai and have subsidiary operations in Cape Town, Abu Dhabi, Nairobi, and London. The company consults on business operation best practices and digital transformation, supported by world-leading technologies.

For more information visit Quintica.com or on LinkedIn.

About Westbury Analytics

Established in 1998, Westbury Analytics is the worldwide leader in intelligence services and reporting solutions for IT platforms. Westbury pioneered the principle of Service Management Intelligence, which puts the power of self-service analytics in the hands of those who need it most: process owners, IT managers and decision makers. Westbury is a ServiceNow Specialist Partner and has offices in the Netherlands and Boston, Massachusetts.

For more information, visit: Westburyanalytics.com.

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