The Quintica Group is a leading provider of innovative digital transformation, standardizing and streamlining business operations from IT service management to field services, that enhance both employee and customer experience.

Quintica is excited to announce its partnership with SKAEL to introduce their Digital Workforce Platform to forward looking enterprises in Africa and the Middle East.

Established nearly twenty years ago, Quintica has delivered consulting and technology to support the latest best practices through innovation, automation, and governance. Their technology partnerships and skilled expert team support the “Big Things; Great People” vision that drives success and growth.

SKAEL’s mission is to help people work smarter. Their Digital Workforce Platform integrates with most enterprise systems and applications. The company is headquartered in San Francisco. This partnership enables them to successfully empower businesses who want to improve the lives of their employees, but have limited resources to do so, with SKAEL’s multi-faceted approach to automation.

“As businesses are constrained to get more out of less, right now hyperautomation is a leading conversation across all boardrooms and if not, it should be,” said Zimkhita Buwa, Chief Executive Officer of Quintica South Africa. “We at Quintica are in the business of making complex simple. This is a very exciting opportunity across the globe to use technology to enable and grow capabilities within the businesses and allow for staff to focus on higher-level work, rather than mundane repetitive tasks.”

“Quintica and SKAEL share a common belief that technology should be in the service of humans,” said Baba Nadimpalli, Founder & CEO of SKAEL. “We are thrilled to have Quintica’s dedicated team on board to drive the Digital Workforce Platform forward in Africa and the Middle East.”

About Quintica Group

Formed in 2001, and with a mission to Make the Complex Simple, Quintica group stitches together digital platforms in the cloud that unlock company-wide productivity and advantage for large enterprise companies. Their principal offices are in Johannesburg and Dubai and have subsidiary operations in Cape Town, Abu Dhabi, Nairobi, and London. The company consults on business operation best practices and digital transformation, supported by world-leading technologies.

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Founded in 2017, SKAEL is a people-first, digitally born company that helps organizations maximize human talent, best maximize technology investments, and create a competitive advantage with better employee and customer experiences through user-centric technology.

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