The need of the hour is to stay current with the latest advancements in the realm of digital experience and this has been assured by the San Diego release of ServiceNow. Features introduced as part of this upgrade include not just enhancements to the platform but also capabilities to support hyper-automation across the various offerings of ServiceNow.

So here are my top picks that I feel have been the game changers on the San Diego release

Next Experience

Getting a consumer-grade experience has always been the ask of every customer on the platform. With the San Diego release, one can now access a self-engaging, modern, and context-aware web interface that serves as a single pane of view, personalized to the user’s role and responsibilities.



The Polaris UI with its dash of purple not just looks refreshing but rather simplifies work with unified navigation, focused visuals, and reduced clicks.

All in All, with the Next Experience UI available on the platform, an enterprise can assure to promote:

  • Accelerated delivery and increased productivity with purpose-driven tools
  • Smart work with surface insights and persona-based workspaces
  • Revolutionized experience with low code/no-code configurations




Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has always been an area of interest to me and in the past, I have looked at use cases where I could leverage the capabilities of third-party RPA solutions such as Blue Prism or UiPath to perform certain mundane repetitive tasks that were essential to support critical operations on ServiceNow. Though we had success, the experience was quite a bumpy one, having to go back n forth between the two systems.

The introduction of the RPA Hub, as part of the Automation Engine SKU in San Diego, has brought in just the right flavor of Process Automation, necessary to facilitate:

  • Connection with legacy systems (i.e., mainframe to a form)
  • Automation of legacy actions (i.e., Procure to Pay)
  • Enhancement of human work with digital workers (i.e., Data Entry at Call centers)


The RPA Hub offers close to 3500+ components ranging from connectors, templates, optical character recognition, document processing, etc. that could be used for any of the scenarios listed above.

The key differentiator has been its offering as a Native experience on the platform as,

  • Embedded components in the Flow Designer
  • Low code driven RPA design studio
  • Centralized system to manage all ServiceNow bots

to rapidly automate common bot patterns (attended or unattended) in collaboration with platform workflows to cater E2E solutions across the enterprises.

As ServiceNow rolls out new releases every half year, the platform has always ensured that every persona has a feature to benefit from either as a native capability or as a solution offering by itself.

The San Diego release has a lot to offer, and ServiceNow has laid out a canvas where you can unleash the creativity with the art of possibility.


Authored by Preethi Premnath, Senior Consulting Manager, Quintica Middle East

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