As you admire these incredible architectural masterpieces, one can’t help but wonder at how much maintenance goes into keeping these modern buildings running smoothly. From air conditioning, to plumbing, electrical and more; knowing what assets are in those buildings and ensuring that all the facilities requests are fulfilled with no interruptions is often an ongoing challenge.

“In most cases, organisations resort to manual processes like using email to report issues or requests, physically filling in forms that have to be signed or keeping inventory of assets in spreadsheets. This makes tracking and reporting almost impossible because they’re using different systems that aren’t connected or integrated,” says Bryan MacKenzie, Managing Director at Quintica.

This manual way of working is inefficient, both in terms of cost and time, and can be frustrating for managers, employees and customers alike. This then begs the question, how does one improve employee and customer experience? How can your business overcome common challenges like:

  • Data driven reporting & decision making
  • Technician productivity
  • Automated workflow
  • Efficient space utilization

To empower our clients to manage this work with effortlessly efficiency, Quintica is pleased to announce a partnership with Nuvolo, the global leader in modern, cloud-based Connected Workplace solutions. Providing an innovative, single platform to manage all people, physical locations, assets and work, Nuvolo has been built on the ServiceNow platform and enables a new level of insight and control for our clients with data sharing across departments.

“We are delighted to include Nuvolo as one of our partners. Not only do we share a common purpose – helping clients and their organizations achieve economies of scale – we know a seamlessly managed portfolio of people, locations and assets enables dreams to come true for all involved”, says MacKenzie.

As Nuvolo Premier Partners, Quintica is fully committed to delivering value to our customers and we have a team of highly qualified people on hand who have advanced product knowledge and who are equipped to help with managed services, product configuration, robust implementation and more.

Quintica clients will now be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • An innovative mobile portal to report issues across the enterprise
  • One central platform to enable collaboration across business units and facilitate the speedier resolution of service requests
  • One system to enable floor and space planning, find people, monitor assets and track projects
  • Access to real-time reports and dashboards to make data-driven decisions

“We are very excited to be working with Quintica. We truly believe our clients will benefit from this partnership as our models align beautifully with a focus on providing business owners with centralized tools to help them manage people, locations and assets by sharing data across departments.”

Through this partnership, Quintica aims to enable organizations (and building owners) to provide a fully connected workplace that will improve the customer experience and are looking forward to helping our customers accelerate their business outcomes with this exciting new service offering.

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