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What are digital employees?

Digital Employees are similar to your human employees – they map to your existing processes, observe and remember multiple ways you and your enterprise can ask for those tasks to be completed.

But they’re also different… they can be onboard in minutes, processes their assignments in seconds, never forget to report on their progress and are always available to supercharge your team.

June, Alex and Drew are three examples of commonly used Digital Employees you can try within your environment today.


of an employee’s working hours are wasted on information searches across data silos


of employees give the minimum effort required-and will quickly leave for even a slightly better offer


of employees say having technology that helps them do their job efficiently affects their work satisfaction

Why Digital Employees?

Enterprises have bought endless productivity solutions, to try and get a better competitive edge, ease the need to have specialized expertise, democratize access and make better decisions.

While productivity solutions have somewhat allowed for better access to information compared to paper documentation, they have dramatically increased the amount of expertise required for useful operation. Forcing users to adapt to them instead of adapting around the user.

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