I have recently watched the 1995 romantic drama film “A walk in the Clouds” starring Keanu Reeves, returning from WWII and stranded in the middle of nowhere, where he saves a lovely lady from the wrath of her family by passing himself off as her husband, and the story goes on a pure fairy tale…

However, very interesting in the end was the grape-stomping dance, and the scene of ethereal beauty when frost threatens the vines, and all the family and its workers go into the field, using butterfly wings to fan the warmth from oil heaters down around the grapes… And then the unimaginable happens, the whole vineyard burns down. This made me think of so many major incidents we have seen over the past years in large organisations (an unauthorised change on a CI that brought down a bank’s whole ATM system) due to the lack of following policy, process and ultimately adhere to good governance.

In the movie, the vineyard focuses on the symbolism of roots and endless rows of vines, the perfect metaphor for effective and efficient Service Management. After the whole vineyard burnt down to ashes, they found a piece of the main tree’s root that never died and they could use it to restart a new vineyard.

Service Management over the past decade went through several implementation journeys. From only focusing on ITSM processes, and only available in technology on-premise, to now incorporating workflows for the Enterprise; HR, Finance, Customers, Facilities, etc. and available as a low cost SaaS in the Cloud.

In a world defined by hyper-connectivity, wherein both outside customers and employees are digitally connected to complex organisations like never before, conventional frameworks of ITSM often prove obsolete and inefficient. Enterprises are more likely to win customers’ hearts with experiences rather than products and services.

Quintica’s Q-Journey is our vineyard which has evolved over the years with our customer’s needs and requirements and has always been the “root” of every implementation and even and especially today, we assist our customers to walk in the digital cloud and improve the customer’s experience and create real moments that matter…

Authored by Authored by Ilze Rossouw
Senior Consulting Manager at Quintica Group Middle East.

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